Philadelphia Yacht Squadron

Founding Clubs and Associations

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Welcome to the online home of the Philadelphia Yacht Squadron. Founded in January, 2014, the Philadelphia Yacht Squadron is an association of Philadelphia Yacht Clubs and Sailing Associations, organized with the support of the Independence Seaport Museum (ISM). The ISM seeks to support and encourage sailing activity and competition at all levels on our regions waterways.

Mission Statement

  • Promote all things nautical in the Philadelphia Area.
  • Coordinate schedules of the member organizations by maintaining a calendar of events.
  • Promote larger regattas featuring greater participation by encouraging members of member clubs to participate in the events of the other clubs.
  • Find ways to serve our local clubs and organizations dedicated to promoting sailing.
  • Encourage junior sailing and events for the public to watch sailing competitions.
  • Encourage and help facilitate sailing competitions in the Philadelphia region.
  • Promote recreational and competitive sailing on our regions waterways.